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I started Project Picturing Milwaukee in 2011. This research and teaching project seeks to provide critical tools and an interactive public forum for city officials, residents, neighborhood groups, and citizens of Milwaukee. The objective of this project is to produce an inventory of sites that have historical value to local neighborhoods and to provide users with interpretive ways of reading these sites. This project seeks to increase awareness of neighborhood history and preservation of the built environment by integrating scholarly analysis with grassroots citizen participation.
Image Credits: Erin Dorbin,
The website for this project can be accessed here.

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The UWM-BLC field school is a special offering from the Buildings-Landscapes-Cultures collaborative project at UW Milwaukee and Madison. The Buildings-Landscapes-Cultures program serves students enrolled in UW Milwaukee and Madison campuses respectively. Fieldwork is an important aspect of this program and a cross-campus fieldwork school is a special offering of this project. The summer Buildings-Landscapes-Cultures field schools provide students with an immersive experience in the field recording of the built environment and cultural landscapes and an opportunity to learn how to write history literally “from the ground up.” Students receive training in site documentation (including photography, measured drawings, digital documentation, audio-visual production), historic interpretation of buildings and landscapes (focusing on how to “read” buildings within its material, political, social, cultural and economic contexts), and primary source research (including oral history, archival research, architectural analysis).